Management IT -based knowledge management as a foundation needs a powerful, system-wide indexing. Only from the variety of the contents sources to be included in a Knowledge Management draught becomes
clear that a single, isolated software system cannot be the solution. It is not enough to document knowledge in a database or a wiki , but all in the business process established systems must be included.

Considering the functional requirements of customer inquiries, the following picture emerges:

  • More than 50 percent of the required functions are in the farthest
  • search functions.

  • A high proportion also relates to an orderly filling of documents.
  • ollaborative functions are often optional or planned for a laterC

development stage.

This functional view underlines the fact, that there is not one Knowledge Management tool. According to concrete weighting of these functional complexes different solutions arise through a combination of several products including already available content sources. In practice a combination of a search-based information portal with collborative functions and an integrated document management system has proved as a practicable and adaptable solution. Making content findable is often tantamount to make it accessible to employees. It is not unusual that employees need information from systems with which they do not work normally and are not familiar with the use.

Search as an elementary function of information systems

From a certain amount ofinformation objects it is unavoidable as a mechanism for the access of information. Search is the easiest and most universal beginning for the access to big information capacities. Without search the finding of the information and knowledge in the internet would not be available to us.

Enterprise Search is originally the predestined technology for the developmentfromunstructured (files, e-mails etc.) as well as for structured data (data sources, ERP, CRM etc.). It delivers a central and easy access point on all information,no matter where they are stored.