ACIS is the MEA representative office of interface projects GmbH, founder of intergator:

It can be implemented as a standard product or within an existing framework under your project-specific conditions.


Universal Search

Enterprise_SearchKey business information is always lost between millions of documents, emails, websites and files. With the help of an Enterprise Search-Solution your employees and customers find in the twinkling of an eye exactly what they look for.


Knowledge Management

Many attempts of Knowledge Management focus on the documentation as well on the electronic storage of the knowledge in form of databases or text documents which access a file server with certain ordinal structures. With intergator you solve the the problem of the internal search of information and get a strategical tool for your Knowledge Management.


Social Intranet

Social” is aimed in commercial life in particular at modern forms of cooperation and on actual flows of information. Save valuable working hours while accessing individual and bundled information divided from colleagues.


Content Analytics

Analytics & Search are the core technologies for the development of big information capacities and the guarantee of the accesibility within the scope of an comprehensive Knowledge Management. For more details visit – http://www.intergator-mea.com



Defining Compliance rules is easy, to control them actually nevertheless not. With intergator you automatically supervise the management of Information-Compliance rules of your enterprise. For more details visit – http://www.intergator-mea.com


Info Apps

Searched Based Intergator allows you to develop customized search tools to support your business processes for quality management, sales, customer service and human resources. For more details visit – http://www.intergator-mea.com

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