Industry Focus

Oil & Gas

ACIS IT has proven success in deploying highly advanced Infrastructure, Networking & Collaboration, IT Outsourcing & Managed Services within the Oil & Gas industry. Today we have the largest oil companies under our purview of delivering state of the art IT solutions and services.


To ensure our customers across the Power & Energy industry meet their growth trajectory, ACIS IT’s team works on deploying software solutions such as ERP, CRM and other customized platforms.



At ACIS IT, we workon creating collaborative healthcare with our solutions that are designed to take care of patients irrespective of global boundaries. Our solutions are customized to ensure maximized patient care and easy accessibility to medicine.


ACIS IT’s team has successfully deployed end-to-end turnkey IT solutions at the most reputed Retail chains across Middle East.Our focus continues to be on delivering the most advanced digital IT and customized software solutions, tailor made for each retailer.

AT ACIS IT, we have proven credibility in creating applications that are industry specific. We follow a collaborative cum ROI driven approach for all projects with our clients. This a step wise procedural approach that we follow which is spear headed by our team of experts who aggressively work on ensuring best practices at all projects allocation to them.
We follow a 5 step model comprising of –

  • Project Mapping – Our solution architects understand what the customers want to achieve & suggest the best possible means to ensure their objectives are fulfilled.
  • Business Planning – This involves end to end project management, strategy formulation, solution & selection and the rollout plan.
  • Dedicated Design Facility – We offer onshore facilities for custom design and deployment of all our applications software modules.
  • Systems Development and Integration – Here we engage ourselves fully in to the analysis, modeling prototyping, system implementation, testing, validation, integration and technology/data migration.
  • Operations Support – We offer complete application maintenance, end-user support,support, data analysis and report management to ensure a smooth work flow.


Enterprise Search

The Universal Search

Key business information is always lost between millions of documents, emails, websites and files.intergator Enterprise Search is not only an intelligent search solution, it also supports you in developing all relevant data and delivering a prerequisite for a further added-value use.
intergator Enterprise Search “Made in Germany” is:

  • Universal – a search tool for all information in your enterprise
  • Secure – upon access rights
  • High-performance – fast access via intelligent indexing
  • Social – collaborative bookmarking & tagging
  • Semantic – mapping information flows and categories
  • Easy to handle – flexible hit lists incl. grouping records and drill down
  • Productive – a consolidated search with all relevant sources of information
  • Integrative – all information at hand from the dashboard
  • Visual – previews and hit type depending on meta data
  • Affordable

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Knowledge Management

Enterprise Search as a core component for Knowledge Management

IT-based knowledge management as a foundation needs a powerful, system-wide indexing. Only from the variety of the contents sources to be included in a Knowledge Management draught becomes clear that a single, isolated software system cannot be the solution. It is not enough to document knowledge in a database or a wiki , but all in the business process established systems must be included.
Considering the functional requirements of customer inquiries, the following picture emerges:

  • More than 50 percent of the required functions are in the farthest search functions.
  • A high proportion also relates to an orderly filling of documents.
  • Collaborative functions are often optional or planned for a later development stage.

This functional view underlines the fact, that there is not one Knowledge Management tool. According to concrete weighting of these functional complexes different solutions arise through a combination of several products including already available content sources. In practice a combination of a search-based information portal with collborative functions and an integrated document management system has proved as a practicable and adaptable solution. Making content findable is often tantamount to make it accessible to employees. It is not unusual that employees need information from systems with which they do not work normally and are not familiar with the use.

Search as an elementary function of information systems

From a certain amount of information objects it is unavoidable as a mechanism for the access of information. Search is the easiest and most universal beginning for the access to big information capacities. Without search the fundus of the information and knowledge in the internet would not be available to us.

  • Enterprise Search is originally the predestined technology for the development from unstructured (files, e-mails etc.) as well as for structured data (data sources, ERP, CRM etc.). It delivers a central and easy access point on all information,no matter where they are stored.

With our new Knowledge Capturing module we will give you an ideal Knowledge Management tool at hand. We gladly give you advise.
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Solve your problems by taking the right decisions based on the information you gather in hand. In today’s fast paced world, gathering as well as analyzing data is a major concern. There is a major emphasis on taking insightful decisions which are value based for customers too.
At ACIS IT, we offer specialized BI & Data Analytics, Content Analytics, Behavior & Location Analytics as well as Business Process Management expertise.
We follow a 3 step process which empowers the businesses of our customers in the following ways –

  • Deployment of a complete enterprise data warehouse, incorporating the BI & analytics
  • We offer customsed solutions for data management, data quality and metadata
  • We provide solutions for business intelligence needs across a range of platforms and
    integrate the same with all kinds of applications / software solutions used at the client’s environment.

ACIS partners with SAS to bring:

  • Innovative Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Management
  • Software and Services

SAS helps customers at more than 80,000 sites make better decisions faster with . Since 1976, SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®

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IT Automation /Robotic Process Automation

Do you want to increase your productivity, shorten time-to-market and connect automation islands to your IT? ACIS skilled team can automate your business processes, applications, and infrastructure, IoT ,Medical system regardless of complexity and location, whether on-premise or cloud-based.

Though IT automation is different from orchestration, but commonly, the terms are used together.

Automation accomplishes a task repeatedly without human intervention.

Orchestration is a broader concept wherein you are able to coordinate automated tasks into a cohesive process or workflow for IT and the business.

With IT Orchestration, you can enable workload scaling with automated instance creation, operating system (OS) installs and storage provisioning.

Orchestration allows to integrate the automation tasks in a workflow with a specific order of operations for each task.

Orchestration can also include approvals, permissions and roles enforcement and more.
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IT Service Management & Service Improvement

We have paved the way for dozens of organizations to make the ITSM journey and we are still doing it every day. Our ITSM solution offering will help you build that bridge between IT and the employees on solid foundations. We can guide you or walk you step by step -you decide- to the successful transformation of your IT department to a customer centric IT organization. An IT organization delivering consistent and measurable value to the business.

Smart Data Intelligent Information Access

  • Are you keen to understand all your structured, Unstructured ,semi-structured Data through advance Next Generation Enterprise Search & Knowledge Management
  • Are you managing your Dark Data efficiently and brining value out of them.
  • Are Technology and tool constraints, lopsided priorities ,None-Holistic view of Information…etc providing constraints and affecting faster decision making and sharing knowledge efficiently.
  • How could Ai, Machine Learning and Cognitive search solve the Big Data challenges
  • Reach ACIS team at to assist you. More details



Enable Business Growth With A Flawless Correspondence Management System
Rely on ACIS IT’s team to build your correspondence Management System (CMS) to ensure –

  • Efficient registration of incoming correspondence by the front office
  • Catalogue the incoming and outgoing mail to have a quick access to accurate data
    anytime, anywhere
  • Reliable search available with the document management feature
  • Easy modification to existing workflow & processes within clicks
  • Monitor registered and processed documents


AI-Machine learning/Deep learning

Learning is the key to intelligence. This principle holds true for humans and for machines alike. Automated learning processes are gaining in importance through the continued growth of data, which are distributed over many data sources. With machine learning as a sub-field of artificial intelligence, the combination of empirical observations and human knowledge with the help of superior computing power succeeds in a new quality of intelligent information processing. When it comes to machine learning, the focus is usually on end-user applications .Tis includes the personalization of search suggestions, the presentation of responses adapted to the individual context, personalized recommendations ,object recognitions,face detection,text analysis and other smart services. In the field of business-to-business (B2B), machine learning also offers promising opportunities too. The goal is to increase productivity, optimize processes, reduce costs and increase customer loyalty. The applications of machine intelligence are categorized in various categories including:

  • Intelligent business processes
  • Intelligent infrastructure
  • Digital assistants

ACIS skilled team can consult, deliver and execute the right services and platform hosted on premise or AIaaS ,turning your digital workplace more intelligent. More details reach


Digital Workspace

Build A Secure & Reliable & Unified Digital Workforce for One of the most important business choices you’ll make is finding the right digital workspace solution to deliver :

  • Streamlining management with dynamic, automated workspace configurations personalized for each worker, while reducing IT costs.
  • Enabling IT to proactively deliver and revoke access and services when user roles and content change.
  • Allowing IT to protect the business with powerful and context-aware security and compliance controls.
  • Empower the workforce through self service and automated delivery of apps and services to each person’s secure digital workspace.

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